Specializing in The Production of Quartz Cleaning a Square Cylinder (cleaning tank) Quartz Heating Tank

Product Description

Payment & Shipping Terms Supply Capacity
Unit Price:1.0 USDProduction Capacity:10000
Trade Term:FOB,CIFPacking:wooden box
Payment Terms:T/TDelivery Date:7 days
Min. Order:100 Piece/Pieces
Means of Transport:Ocean, Air, Land

Electric equipment industry:
Carbon fiber heating tube, carbon fiber quartz heating tube, far infrared heat, carbon fiber tube, carbon fiber heating tube, carbon fiber heating tube, carbon fiber electric heating pipe
Second, even melt the raw material used in the production of quartz products
Color quartz tube, large diameter transparent quartz tube, ozone-free quartz tube, filter UV quartz tube, quartz rod quartz plate, quartz ring, quartz mound.

Third, the electronics industry:
Quartz oxidation furnace tube, the grinding mouth diffusion furnace tube, sintering furnace tube, the reaction tube quartz cylinder, quartz, quartz rod groove boat sheathing, quartz journey, boat-shaped quartz boat, half boat, flat boat. Quartz groove, cleaning flower blue flowers blue circular sieve bottom cleaning, cleaning quartz square cylinder, square cuvette. Quartz material bottles, Shiying Yuan bottles, quartz bubbling bottles. Quartz pure water heaters, quartz hook. Fourth, the chemical industry: Quartz beaker, flask, flask-shaped flask, volumetric flask, spherical cold Instruments, snake-like cold instrument, distiller. Horizontal distillation of high water, high pure secondary distillation, silicon tetrachloride fractionator evaporating dish, round bottom, flat evaporating dish, test tube, the surface of the dish, a triangular funnel, separatory funnel.
Fifth, high-temperature materials for production: The tapered quartz crucible, cylindrical quartz crucible, a horizontal quartz crucible, a variety of flat-bottomed, crucible lid quartz crucible.

Optical, laser industry
Quartz sight glass, a quartz lens, quartz prism quartz circular observation window, square observation window, UV-transparent quartz lens the infrared transparent quartz lens, sapphire window, infrared window (silicon, germanium, zinc selenide, etc. ). Seven medical equipment: Various types of medical quartz light guide, IPL light guide crystal filter. Years of production experience, unique state-of-the-art processing methods, quality testing, reasonable prices, welcomed the talks.

Eight vacuum industry:
Various types of infrared transparent vacuum observation window, through the the vacuum ultraviolet observation window, high-temperature vacuum observation window.
Other special products according to customers drawing custom processing.

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